Oh no! We have no skilled and certified LLM users!

Oh no! We have no skilled and certified LLM users!

07 June, 2023 2 min read
LLMs, ChatGPT, GenAI, learning, upskilling

Earlier this year, there were posts on LinkedIn bemoaning the “low supply of people skilled at using LLMs”.

But how skilled do you have to be, anyway? It’s not like using LLMs is the same as learning a specific programming language or a related framework – it’s not about learning a special syntax. It’s all about communicating what you want in natural language, so what’s stopping anyone from getting started?

Due to the very nature of conversational prompting, it’s easier to get started with learning how to use ChatGPT productively than with any other digital technology.

If you can explain to someone else what you want to achieve and provide plenty of context, you are already halfway there to getting value out of ChatGPT.

If you cannot explain yourself so that someone else can understand and thus ChatGPT can generate matching content, then the problem is not a lack of skill in GenAI, but a much deeper lack of skill that has probably been holding you back, for far longer than GenAI has become popular.

Anyone can get started with ChatGPT, ideally by learning to better prompt related to a subject matter they are already competent in, so that they can spot “hallucinations” (really, computer-generated probabilistic streams of words that represent falsehoods).

Just sit down, open a ChatGPT thread and discuss, chat like you would with a human being. Over time you learn what works and what doesn’t. IME it takes very little time, barely a couple of hours. It doesn’t take training.

Don’t fall for the intimidation that anything new requires expensive training, let alone a certification.