Dear Mozilla, stop moving the furniture around

Dear Mozilla, stop moving the furniture around

26 September, 2023 1 min read
product management, UX/UI, enshittification, market research

Dear Mozilla ,

Because your organization is out of touch with reality and the actual users of your software, you are either entirely unaware of the confusion and wasted effort resulting from the forced UX downgrade from Thunderbird 102 to 115 (not a typo), or an actively user-hostile organization, for reasons unknown to any sane person.

Some of us use your software to get things done. Your product managers and programmers “use” your software as a way to make a living, users be damned.

See the problem there?

Kind but also frustrated regards,
a Thunderbird user of 15+ years

“The tech industry”: enshittification everywhere, even at the place that many consider a bastion of alternatives to the Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook monocultures for browsers and email.