Lo and behold, I beseech thee, avail thyself of mine prose!

Lo and behold, I beseech thee, avail thyself of mine prose!

10 April, 2023 2 min read
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Since this was first posted, the book “Lo and Behold, X!” , a business fable of change and intrigue, has been published.

Verily, if thou hast found delight in my discourse on Deft , dripp’d with sarcasm, and if thou art among the few who didst procure a copy of the lengthier and more elaborate tome, also titled “Deft,” in the year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen, which didst expound on how organizations oft do fall prey to the same fads and frameworks every septenary, then thou art like to find favour with my forthcoming opus, “Lo and Behold, X!” .

This didactic parable, fashioned from a composite of characters and circumstances drawn from my own experiences and those of my fellow denizens of common and diverse kingdoms of commerce, both familiar and lesser known, shall illustrate that the more things do change, the more things do change in the same manner.

As I stand at sixty percent of this writing endeavor, I do dare to provide a confident public estimation that I shall have the manuscript completed within no more than one and one-half months, so keep thyself attuned.

For, indeed, writing is a most gratifying and therapeutic endeavour, and one upon which I ought to have leaned more heavily in these latter days. Yet, such is life: one learns as one goes.