How is the 2nd edition of "Deft" coming along? Nicely.

How is the 2nd edition of “Deft” coming along? Nicely.

17 June, 2023 2 min read
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Work on the 2nd edition of “The Incredible Story of Deft” continues… on every evening, and every weekend.

What’s different to the first, print-on-demand edition of 2017?

  • There’s a story now with characters who interact, bringing to light thoughts and discussions that in the first edition remained, perhaps, too veiled by the dense writing style.

  • Five main characters, with vastly different personalities: Mike, Maribel, Fredrik, Neil, Lina. In fact, Lina is a recurring character who first appears in Book 3 of the “Lo and Behold, X!” book series.

  • The story unfolds during a two-day company training/workshop. We get to see the trainer’s thinking process and how she manages the dynamics of a very engaged round of participants who riff on each other and sometimes disagree.

  • There’s way more discussion and exploration of management conundrums related to change and improvement initiatives riding on big-ticket miracle-cure silver-bullet frameworks promising to cure all that might ail a business.

  • Given that I have read both the first edition countless times in proofing it, and I read every chapter of the new edition a few times to polish it, I find that it is significantly more enjoyable to read, even though the length has blown up, given all the character chatter and interactions, and the moments where we look into their thoughts.

  • It’s still utter fiction, but the circumstances of the characters make everything more realistic–such as the part of the book where Mike, one of the protagonists, wakes up late and has to rush to attend the second day of the training. Who among us hasn’t forgotten to set their alarm?

  • Mike drives a turbocharged Waseigo W5-GT roadster. He much prefers it to any car Tayato ever made, econobox or not.

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