The distracting dance of theoretical debates vs. purposeful effort

The distracting dance of theoretical debates vs. purposeful effort

08 October, 2023 1 min read
organizational culture, communication, transformation, change, Lean, Agile

Blunt and genuine questions to everyone who find themselves caught in a circus of “X transformation”:

Why are you, as someone making a living out of doing something valuable in/through/with an organization (assuming that’s who you are), so willing to incur the cost (direct and opportunity, as well as emotional/psychological) of a certain part of your organization’s members indulging themselves in endlessly debating the intricacies of theoretical constructs with a questionable (and often negative) impact on your organization’s outcomes, while also distracting those who try to get the actual work done, with their peculiar fascination with said constructs and their creators?

Or is it suddenly mandatory that a certain part of a company’s resources must be wasted on fruitless pseudo-philosophizing and those coaches/consultants/contractors whose entire business strategy is finding the next victim to placate and leech?

(Asking as someone who has experienced attempts at “Lean transformation”, “Agile transformation” and “digital transformation”.)

Regarding “X”, see also the book Lo and Behold, X! .