What's your X? Navigating the memetic abyss

What’s your X? Navigating the memetic abyss

15 October, 2023 1 min read
buzzwords, organizational culture, communication, hype, change, Lean, Agile

“Lo, as X became more mainstream, so had its mentions taken on an increasingly memetic quality. X became a symbol of conformity to the capital’s bidding, a means to legitimize all sorts of viewpoints, even those inherently contradictory to the very principles of X itself. Pomp and pious displays of virtue and loyalty to the kingdom displaced honestly curious inquiry and communication of meaning, as the continued misuse of X had continuously diluted its true purpose to homeopathic levels of nothingness, while muddying the waters of understanding with the sludge of impressive-sounding words ringing hollow, devoid of the speaker’s understanding of their actual meaning or applicability.”

(This is an excerpt from the book Lo and Behold, X! )

My “X” was Lean, and then it briefly was Agile. Sometime around 2016 to 2017 something clicked and, after that, I would never be able to take such things seriously ever again.